steps to swap your home

List Your Home!

- Join our site for free and then list your property by highlighting important aspects of your home such as location, facilities, number of rooms and any specific conditions such as looking after a pet.

- Add pictures of your home that will appeal to other members.

- Detail available dates 

- Change as required by editing your listing any time.

- All listings are reviewed by the HomeToSwap admin team before it is published. 

Search for Your Ideal Swap!

- Use our search tools to identify your ideal home to swap

- Initiate personalized conversations and address inquiries from fellow members

- Coordinate the specifics of your swap by communicating with your host using the HomeToSwap messaging platform.

- Use our HomeToSwap video messaging system to view your host and their home for additional peace of mind.

- After confirming the details, your host will need to pre-approve the swap.

finalize Membership!

- If you're not yet a member, subscribe to our 90 days free trial membership or become a full member for only $20 (USD) and enjoy a full year of limitless swaps. 

- Go one step further and become a Verified member by going through our secure verification process where we review your details which may involve a video interview and property inspection.

           Standard Swap or Swap With Points


The standard swap involves two households who agree to swap residences, either concurrently or at separate times. This process is referred to as our standard sharing swap.                                               



Points streamline the sharing process. If you come across a Member with an open home who isn't interested in staying at your place, you have the option to provide them with Points. These points can be used to secure accommodations at another Member's residence in the location they desire. Every Member acquires Points upon registration and by hosting fellow Members.

(Note: Points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for money, they however have great value as they can be used for home swaps on the platform)